A Single Laser System To Treat A Wide Variety Of Facial Skin Conditions

Beauty portrait of young Asian women on light and shadow background

A Single Laser System To Treat A Wide Variety Of Facial Skin Conditions

Beauty portrait of young Asian women on light and shadow backgroundYour time is very valuable. Keeping up with a good at-home skin care regimen can help prevent the development of many facial skin conditions. However, aging and environmental factors can still create conditions requiring additional treatment and care from a doctor or aesthetician to slow or reverse their appearance.

For many skin conditions, the treatment that works best for one condition or issue may not work as well for others. However, this has become less of an issue with the continued advancements in aesthetic techniques, cosmetic treatment methods, and systems.

Now, you are able to treat a wide variety of skin conditions on your face without the need for separate visits or intense or painful treatment sessions that also come with a more extended recovery period.

For many years, laser and light energy has been proven very effective at slowing or reversing the signs of aging on your face. By combining different wavelengths and intensities of light energy, the Broadband Light (BBL™) System can help reduce the appearance of aesthetic changes from aging, sun exposure, or active lifestyle activities.

During a relatively short in-office appointment, the BBL™ system will gently heat the top thin layers of damaged skin to reveal healthy skin and boost healing. The light energy can be tailored to precisely match your skin tone and type to provide the best treatment for your specific condition(s).

Although there is no recovery or restrictions after, there may be some additional redness and tenderness of the skin. However, this is normal and will subside within a few hours. Over the few days following the treatment, additional darkening or peeling and flaking of the skin may occur.

Protecting this fresh and healthy skin from the sun is important, as it will be more susceptible to burning and other damage.

Dr. Walden and her team in Austin, TX, can provide comprehensive consultation and develop the perfect treatment plan to help you best meet your aesthetic goals. Call 512-328-4100 or visit www.drjenniferwalden.com to schedule an appointment today.


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