Everything You Need to Know About Your Brow Lift

Brow Lift

Everything You Need to Know About Your Brow Lift

When it comes to aging, the eyes are often the first place that patients report seeing signs of getting older. Dr. Jennifer Walden discusses this concern regularly with her clients as they explore the most suitable options for restoring a more youthful appearance. Recently, the brow lift has become a popular option. 

A brow lift can help patients look younger and more rejuvenated by smoothing wrinkles, fine lines, and creases on the forehead as well as sagging skin on the eyebrows and eyelids. The procedure can also help correct drooping eyelids that might be impeding vision. Brow lifts can be done as a stand-alone procedure or combined with other facial work, such as a facelift.

How a Brow Lift Procedure Is Done

There are two common ways that Dr. Jennifer Walden performs a brow lift. The conventional method includes an incision at the hairline, while a minimally invasive method uses an endoscope and tiny surgical instruments that are interested through a few small incisions around the face. During the procedure, Dr. Walden will strategically reposition underlying muscles and fat pads in the brow area.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Walden will discuss which surgical method is right for you, based on your desired goals and results. Both approaches offer similar results. Surgery typically lasts one to two hours, and most patients head home the same day.

Recovering From Your Brow Lift

While a brow lift is not the most invasive surgery, recovery is still part of your procedure. Clients typically report numbness, discomfort, swelling, and bruising that subsides within a few weeks. You might also experience some itching and minor hair loss around the incision sites.

Your care team will provide specific instructions for you to follow after your procedure. Typically, our patients return to their daily lives rather quickly. Strenuous activities such as exercise should be avoided for at least two weeks after your procedure. Patients are also advised to stop tobacco use during their healing process. 

Brow lift surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that can help restore a youthful gaze and confidence. Call Dr. Walden’s team at 512-328-4100 or visit us online at www.drjenniferwalden.com to request your consultation at our office in Austin, Texas, today.


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